Apr 25, 2023

Eastside Neuro Tumor Board Offers Optimal Treatment Plans for Patients with CNS Tumors


The Eastside Neuroscience Institute Tumor Board was launched in 2022 by combining a collaborative multidisciplinary group of providers from EvergreenHealth and Overlake Medical Center & Clinics.  

Through extensive collaboration and synergy, the Eastside Neuroscience Tumor Board make it possible for patients to receive fully coordinated care and an optimal treatment plans for central nervous system (CNS) tumors. Additionally, patients receive the benefit of multiple expert opinions without having to schedule a separate consultation with each specialist.

The board is co-led by by Eastside Neuroscience Institute neurosurgeons, Amitoz Manhas, MD, and Ryder Gwinn, MD.

With the launch of the Tumor Board, we have reduced the time from symptom onset to treatment from 74 days to 44 days – a 41% reduction.  The success of this Tumor Board is due to our team approach between Overlake and EvergreenHealth providers and our commitment to ensure patients are getting the best possible treatment options available.

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