Neuroscience Research

Eastside Neuroscience Institute is dedicated to leading innovation in neurosciences and spine care. Learn more about our latest research and clinical trials.


Eastside Neuroscience Institute is dedicated to leading innovation in brain and spine care. Our providers from Overlake Medical Center and EvergreenHealth are dedicated to learning how to help patients live longer, healthier lives through clinical collaborations, conducting research and clinical trials.

Several of the physicians have received grants through private institutions to conduct their own research to facilitate better care in their patients. Eastside Neuroscience Institute actively participates in groundbreaking research and clinical trials to evaluate new and better ways to diagnose treat and manage neurological disorders. Our goal is to advance knowledge and treatment of neurological disease and contribute to best possible outcomes.

Leading Experts

At our EvergreenHealth campus, we have investigators who specialize in a wide range of clinical areas, including Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and cerebrovascular disorders. Collectively with Overlake Medical Center, our experts aim to advance neuroscience care through research and clinical trials as well as presentations at national and international scientific conferences.

Bench to bedside approach

We have the capability to investigate important questions beyond neurological care cultivating a universal approach to providing best in class healthcare. Through research, we delve into disease trends and risk factors impactful to outcomes, and we closely examine conservative and non-conservative treatment courses and measures.

We aspire to apply the discoveries made from research to improve patient care. Our bench-to-bedside approach enables our providers to quickly move the latest discoveries from the research setting to the patient-care setting while helping researchers refine therapies and techniques.

Current clinical trials expanding treatment options for patients

Our experts’ involvement with large national clinical trials gives patients the opportunity to try promising new therapies while they’re still being developed. Typically, these treatments are available to clinical trial participants at no cost.

Clinical trial participants are carefully chosen based on set enrollment criteria. Most participants are adults with a specific condition, disease, or symptom that the clinical trial is studying. Learn more about participating in a clinical trial to find out if it’s right for you.

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