Multiple Sclerosis Program

People with multiple sclerosis (MS) receive comprehensive services and expert care at the Eastside Neuroscience Institute, a collaborative system of care between Overlake Medical Center and EvergreenHealth.

Specialists at the Eastside Neuroscience Institute have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating MS. This neurological disorder can be challenging to diagnose because there are no specific tests for MS. Instead, a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis often relies on ruling out other conditions that might produce similar signs and symptoms. Our specialists collaborate across campuses, which means you are getting highly skilled experts at EvergreenHealth and Overlake working together for you.

Our goal is to help you manage the condition so you can achieve the quality of life you deserve.

Advanced testing to diagnose and monitor MS

We are with you every step of the way in your care journey, beginning with a prompt diagnosis. Our experts typically start with a comprehensive review of your medical history and initial examinations. Depending upon your specific need, laboratory, imaging, and electrophysiological studies may be performed to help diagnose and appropriately manage MS. These studies may include but are not limited to:

  • Blood tests: This provides a way to rule out conditions that mimic neurological disorders or check for antibiotics that may indicate other risks.
  • Evoked potentials test: Diagnostic tests that measure the electrical activity in the brain as it responds to sensory pathways that control vision, hearing and touch.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): Type of imaging that provides detailed images of the brain to detect changes or damage to the brain or spinal cord.
  • Lumbar puncture: Also known as a spinal tap. Removal of a sample of spinal fluid from the spinal column to check for abnormalities or antibodies.
  • Other studies, such as neuropsychological testing, bladder ultrasound or urodynamic studies, may be warranted depending on the nature of the problems.

Complete care for all MS symptoms

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, personalized care and support. Our specialists work closely with you to identify the best treatments for your needs, disease type and stage. Throughout treatment, we carefully monitor and manage your care to make sure you’re receiving the maximum benefit with minimum side effects.

Our goal is to get you to the quality of life you deserve by reducing specific symptoms, delaying the progression of the disease, and reducing the extent and severity of relapses.

Medical treatments

There is currently no cure for MS. Treatment focuses on managing symptoms, reducing relapses (periods when symptoms worsen) and slowing the disease’s progression. Specific treatment for multiple sclerosis is determined by several factors, including where you are in the disease course, your medical history and care preferences.

Your treatment plan is personalized to your individual needs and may include:

  • Medications: Helps to modify progression and/or flare-ups, may include oral, infusion or injection methods based upon your needs.
  • Physical Therapy: Our team will support you and aid in your ability to maintain current mobility while managing weakness and other gait problems often associated with the disease.
  • Occupational therapy: Specialists will provide value through helping simplify daily tasks and self-care activities, like showering and dressing, so you save energy and enjoy a successful at-home routine.
  • Speech therapy: Experts assist in managing swallowing and speech issues, while providing assistance with speech devices if needed.
  • Neuropsychological Care: Our providers help you and your family understand and manage symptoms associated with mood and memory while providing resources to support your emotional well-being.
  • Nutritional Support: We provide dietary plans and support to help you make any changes that can improve your overall health and reduce symptoms.

Research and clinical trials

Our doctors are at the forefront of the latest MS treatments and are actively involved with large national clinical trials. This means that you may be able to access new, promising treatments before they’re available to the public. Typically, these treatments and extensive testing are available to clinical trial participants at no cost.

Leaders in MS Care

Our MS specialists earned the designation of Partners in MS Care by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which recognizes our ability to provide the highest quality care. We are affiliated with the Greater Northwest Chapter of the National MS Society, which provides additional important community resources and education. At the Eastside Neuroscience Institute, we bring together all of the top experts you need in locations that are close to where you live and work.


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