Neurohospitalist Services

At the Eastside Neuroscience Institute, our neurohospitalists serve the needs of hospitalized patients with neurologic conditions who require expert care.

Our neurohospitalists serve hospitalized patients with neurologic disease who require expert consultation. We work closely to treat acute and hyperacute illness such as stroke and seizure.

You can rest easier knowing your hospital care is managed by a doctor with specialty training and experience in one of the oldest neurohospitalist programs in the country.  Neurohospitalists are key partners for other physicians in the hospital, including emergency physicians, neurosurgeons and internal medicine hospitalists.

The unique expertise of neurohospitalists also:

  • Improves communication with your follow-up care team.
  • Reduces unnecessary labs and procedures.
  • Decreases the likelihood you’ll have to be readmitted to the hospital.
  • Provides easier answers to you and your loved ones about your condition and how you’re doing.

Team approach to care

Our collaborative co-management with multidisciplinary teams in the hospital enhances quality of care, ensuring you receive timely, effective neurological care and the best chance for the best possible outcomes.  This includes other physicians and providers as well as allied healthcare providers like physical and occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, etc.

We foster seamless transitions of care. You or your loved one can rest assured we are committed to caring for you, and will connect you to the appropriate level of care after your hospital stay.

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